0845 Outpayment Rates

Outpayments are commission that GTI Telecom will pay to you for the calls you receive via one of our 0845 numbers.

The outpayment rates below are based on minutes per month & apply to newly issued 0845 numbers using simple redirection (standard numbers). Different rates will apply to numbers using advanced line features (such as Time of Day Routing or Fax2Email) and/or ported from other carriers.

0845 (Peak Time Only)

No outpayment are made for calls to 0845 numbers at weekends or off peak

Incoming Minutes Payout Rate
< 10000 No Outpayments
10,000 0.1 pence per minute
25,000 0.15 pence per minute
50,000 0.2 pence per minute
100,000 0.25 pence per minute
250,000 0.3 pence per minute
500,000 0.35 pence per minute
1,000,000 + 0.4 pence per minute