Get 0800, 0845 and 0333 phonenumbers

03xx & 08xx NGN's

Non geographic numbers (NGN's), as their name suggests, are UK phone numbers that are not specific to a physical area in the way phone numbers in the UK starting with 01 and 02 are. Common NGN's are 0800 & 0845 numbers.

NGN's are not supplied with a physical phone line, instead calls to a NGN are instantly rerouted (at the phone exchange) to an existing landline phone number. For this reason NGN's are also frequently referred to as Number Translation Services (NTS).

NGN's also allow you to make use of many value add features & services such as Divert on Busy, Voicemail, call type notification and a Virtual Switchboard. NGN value add services are not dependent on the equipment installed at your site or the location of your business. Therefore using NGN's it is possible to activate advanced telecom features without needing to incur the high charges of upgrading your existing telecoms infrastructure or adding additional dedicated phone lines.

By using NGN's your customers will be able to call you from any where in the UK for the same cost. The cost they pay is not dependant on where they are in relation to where you are. The cost the caller pays is dependent on the type of NGN you use. The cost to the caller ranges from free (for 0800 freephone number) to 5p per minute (for 0844 fixed rate number), on BT landlines.

03 Numbers are new class of number that are becoming popular. Callers are charged the same rate to call a 03 Number as they would pay to call a 01 or 02 number (which in many cases means customers can call you for FREE), but you can still add all the NGN value add features & services onto your 0333 number.

Traditionally the difference between what the caller actually paid & what they should have paid was billed to the company receiving the call. However (with the exception of 0800 freephone numbers and 03 numbers) GTI Telecom unlike most other Telco's, including BT, do not pass any of these charges onto the company receiving the call. In fact depending on your call volumes we will pay you for every call you receive.

If you already have a NGN from another supplier we can still help you. You can port an existing 08xx number to us & you may be able to turn a cost to your business of several thousand pounds per year into a revenue stream of several thousand pounds per year !!!