Incoming Calls

GTI Telecom have many different solutions to help you manage your incoming calls.

Whether you need a NGN (0333, 0800, 0844,0845, etc.) or you want a more Memorable Number for you main Sales Line or indeed if you just need some extra help at you peak times answering calls we have a solution for you.

0333 Numbers

With a 0333 number your customers can call you at the rate they pay to call 01/02 numbers. More about 0333

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0800 Numbers

Let your customers call you for FREE from UK landline with one of our 0800 numbers. More about 0800 ...

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Fax to Email

Get rid of your fax machine & it's dedicated line, have your faxes sent to your e-mail inbox with our Fax2Email service.

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0845 Numbers

Unlike many Telco's we DON'T charge a per minute for 0845 numbers redirected to UK Landlines. More about 0845 ...

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