0800 Numbers

A 0800 number allows your customers (and potential customers) to call you from anywhere in the UK via a UK landline for FREE.

All of our 0800 packages include bundled minutes starting at just £10 (plus VAT) per month with 300 incoming minutes included.

You can layer many additional network features (e.g. Fax to Email, Voicemail & Multiple Redirection) onto our 0800 numbers saving you the need to upgrade your existing telephone system.

If you already have a 0800 number from another provider you can save thousands of pounds per year by porting your 0800 number to GTI Telecom.

Give your company a more professional look Order a 0800 number now !!!

Benefits of a 0800 Number

  • Give your company a national identity, without the need for a physical presence
  • Present a more professional image to your customers
  • Keep the same number even if you relocate your business
  • Track the effectiveness of advertising
  • Allows your customers to call you for free
  • Your 0800 number can very easily be redirected to another site or physical number