Fax to Email

Get Faxes straight to you e-mail inbox

Fax to Email enables you to receive faxes straight to an email address of your choice, without the need for a physical fax machine.

When someone sends a fax to your non-geographic number, our Fax to Email service converts it into a digital format (e.g. PDF) which is then emailed to you as an attachment instantly & you can then use your preferred e-mail application to view the fax.

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Fax to Email Features

  • Faxes straight to your email inbox
  • No fax machine needed
  • Works with all non-geographic uk phone numbers
  • Store and forward faxes with ease
  • An environmentally friendly fax service
  • Get a unique fax number

Why choose Fax to Email?

  • Save money – your own dedicated UK fax number with no fax machine, phone line, maintenance or equipment costs
  • Increase security - confidential faxes remain private and not lying in a shared fax tray
  • Save paper and resources – only print the faxes you need
  • Increase efficiency - multiple faxes will be received promptly and you won’t have to wait whilst they print
  • Easy storage and forwarding - faxes will be in a digital format (e.g. PDF) so you can save and pass them on at the touch of a button.
  • Receive fax messages anywhere in the world using a UK phone number

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