Terms & Conditions of Service

1. Connection
1.1 Connection (routing) will take place once the initial connection/admin fee/service fee has been received by us in cleared funds.
1.2 Routing of Basic & Standard 08xx numbers can only be to a number provided by British Telecom or other public carrier (e.g. Cable & Wireless), within the UK. The landline number must start 01,02 or 03.
1.3 Routing to mobiles and international numbers is only possible via Enhanced 08xx numbers, charges for this are available on request.
1.4 Routing will generally occur within 24-48 hours of GTI being given an instruction to connect and details of the landline to which the connection is to be made. GTI will not be responsible for any delays in connection by the telecom company to whose equipment the number is being connected, or from whom the number has been sourced. No advertising/promotions/signs or stationery changes should take place until number allocation has been confirmed and actual connection made.

2. Charges
2.1 Charges (where applicable) are to be paid monthly, quarterly or annually in advance (as agreed) by standing order, debit/credit card or cheque.
2.2 Payments not received within 30 days of becoming due will attract a late payment fees and interest in accordance with The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.
2.3 Should any payment remain unpaid for 30 days following due date the connection will be terminated. It will be reconnected upon payment of a £50 reconnection fee plus all outstanding charges from due date until the date of reconnection. Should payment not be made within 30 days of termination then the number will be permanently disconnected and reallocated.
2.4 Charges may be reviewed from time to time in line with inflation/prevailing costs. You will receive one (1) months notice of any change.

3. Out payments
3.1 Outpayment rates are dependent on call volumes (current outpayment rates will be provided on request). Out payments can be claimed monthly and are paid out within 30 days after receipt of a valid invoice, sent to the above address. VAT registered clients should send a VAT invoice for the out payment. Minimum out payment invoice: £50.00 (net of VAT). If the revenue balance does not reach £50.00 (net of VAT) in any one month, then the revenue will be rolled over to the following month, until the total revenue reaches £50.00 (net of VAT). Clients are provided with monthly statistics which will give accurate details of total number of calls and total minutes for all incoming calls during the month. If the out payment does not reach £50.00 (net of VAT) within 12 months of the last qualifying invoice, then the out payment figure is reset to £0.00 and starts again.
3.2 Should for whatever reason BT or another Carrier withhold settlement to GTI then outpayments will be withheld from the customer pending resolution.

4. Usage
4.1 In the event that you wish your 08xx number to be redirected so that it terminates over a different geographic number, GTI reserve the right to charge £15+VAT for these requests.
4.2 The Customer agrees that call traffic for Basic 08xx numbers will not drop below 200 minutes per month for a period of more than three consecutive months. In the event that less than 200 minutes per month of call traffic is generated for more than three consecutive months GTI reserves the right to cease the service, without notice and/or charge a low usage fee of £15+VAT per year.
4.3 The customers agrees that they will keep GTI informed of their active e-mail address. This email address will be used for all communications about the status of their service and if the e-mail address is not valid GTI reserves the right to cease the service, without notice.
4.4 For services that include bundled call minutes in the event that the Customer exceeds their bundled allowance GTI reserves the right to automatically upgrade the customer to a service that includes a larger call allowance & bill the Customer for the additional charges.
5. Loss of Service
5.1 GTI accepts no responsibility for loss of service arising from matters outside its control.
5.2 In the unlikely event where a carrier or supplying telecom company goes into liquidation (or otherwise loses or ceases its number range) connection fees will not be refundable in these circumstances nor will GTI be responsible for any indirect losses, such as advertising costs using a defunct number.
5.3 If you do experience any problems with this service GTI will use its best endeavours to resolve them. You should report any such problems by calling Customer Services on 0345 890 8910 or email support@gtigroup.com

6. Ownership & Transfer of Numbers
6.1 Ultimate ownership of all telephone numbers rests with the British government and not with the end user or supplying telephone company. You do however enjoy full use of your number(s) so long as the appropriate connection fees & ongoing charges are paid and that the number(s) are not being used for illegal purposes.
6.2 You may, if you wish, sell or transfer usage rights to your numbers. Transfers may not be made to any person or organisation whose purpose in acquiring the number is to use it in the carrying out of illegal/immoral activities. All transfers are subject to the approval of GTI.

7. Damages
7.1 Any claim for damages, for whatever reason, shall be limited to such sum(s) as may have been paid to GTI by the complaining party. Neither GTI, nor the connecting telephone company shall be liable for consequential losses arising through failure in service, failure to provide service, or any cause whatsoever.

8. Governing Law
8.1 This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Scottish law.

Version 1.2 - 30/11/10